People who discover or invent a purpose for their lives experience direction, power and satisfaction in ways that people without a purpose seldom experience as they aimlessly go through the motions of living, dealing with whatever life gives them. Having a reason to exist provides a very different view of life than living with no purpose.

Organizations formulate purposes to give their people direction and power. Also, It is not unusual for individuals to articulate the purpose for their lives so as to provide themselves the opportunity to gain the satisfaction of accomplishment.

However, people seldom invent a purpose for their relationships. For the most part, it doesn’t even occur to them to create a purpose for their relationships.

In the absence of a created purpose, people are left with default purposes, such as having a good time in a friendship, having a home and family in a marriage, or having a good job and income in a business relationship. When the default purposes are fulfilled, a void occurs. The relationship is left without a purpose, without a reason to exist.

One couple we know named their relationship Ruby. After identifying their individual purposes, they asked, “What is Ruby’s purpose?” and together they invented a purpose for their relationship. Now “Ruby the Relationship” is thriving and providing enjoyment and satisfaction.

In our Extraordinary Relationship: A New Paradigm workshop you have the opportunity to create purposes for your relationships.

The purpose of the relationship called SandyLon is to transform relationships all over the world. We invite you to join us!

Please share with us the purpose of your relationships!


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