We just finished leading two Extraordinary Relationships: A New Paradigm workshops – one in Denver and one in the San Francisco area.

The workshops were exciting and enlivening in that the more we discovered as we engaged in exploring and designing a paradigm for extraordinary relationships, the more we found that there is to explore and discover. Exploration is an enchanting, never-ending adventure that introduces ever more insight and possibility into relationships. The result is an exciting and enlivening departure from “relationships as usual.”

As we identify more design features of extraordinary relationships, we are left with new questions and possibilities for our relationships. Here are a few insights from our two recent Extraordinary Relationships workshops:

  1. An amazing feature of extraordinary relationships is that the more you discover about your partner(s) and your relationship(s), the more you discover that there is much more to discover. The relationship ceases to age or get old. In a sense, your relationship gets newer as you are in it together.
  2. While people may consider longevity as characteristic of extraordinary relationships, perhaps the nature of extraordinary relationships is that they are a “now” phenomenon rather than a “over time” phenomenon. On the other hand, you cannot experience those extraordinary “now’s” if you are not together through time.
  3. The amazing bond in an extraordinary relationship may be a function of completely giving yourself over to the other while simultaneously being fully responsible for the other and the relationship.
  4.  While possibilities are translated into realities and eventually devolve into stories, in extraordinary relationships, possibilities continue to be created and unlimited.

We invite you to join us in continuing to explore relationships and to experience the aliveness and joy that exploring offers.

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