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CONNECTED! April 2017

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Your experience of relationship...

telescopeYour experience of relationship is all a matter of where you are standing and looking from.

Often we are so intrigued by what we are looking at that we fail to appreciate that what we see is determined by where we are looking from. You will discover more about yourself and your place in your relationships by becoming aware of where you are looking from than by what you are looking at. Read more

Relationships: The Real Deal completed in Denver

Here's what a few of the participants had to say after the Relationships: The Real Deal workshop in Denver earlier this month:

"It was fun, engaging and very insightful. I used some of what I saw the first day that night with my partner, and disappeared some of my fears and barriers." Molly

"We wanted someone to give us the secret formula for being in relationship. We found out there is none. Once we discovered the design of what a relationship is, freedom to be in relationship became available. What a relief!" Amy

"This workshop gave me the opportunity to acknowledge my expectations and fears regarding relationships. I pulled back the veil that I had put in place to protect myself from being vulnerable. Freedom!" Sean

"I loved the one-to-one exercises - wants, fears, serving, etc. We Andrew and I went through a lot of spaces together throughout the weekend, and the obstacles we had perceived as being in the way are no longer there or are far less prominent." Lisa

"The workshop left me with ease and a freedom to be in my relationships, both romantic and professional. Romantically I'm left excited and committed with my fiancée to create an extraordinary series of games together in our future." Erik

"There does not have to be a problem to do this workshop. Only a willingness to bring more love, fun and commitment to what you already have." Andi

A Family Workshop coming to Washington DC

"My family had the great fortune of experiencing a family workshop with Sandy and Lon way back in 2005, less than a year after my marriage to Paul. At the time, my children were living at home.
"At the beginning of that week in a comfortable resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, we were simply a group consisting of my husband, my children and me. By the end of the week we had become a family. Not a blended family by default, but a family we all created together. My children saw that they had the opportunity to choose Paul as their stepfather, and they did! All these years later, they are just as likely to call Paul to talk about any problems they may be having as they are to call me.
"Thank goodness for Sandy and Lon! Our lives have been forever transformed and enriched." Carol

Paul, Amy, Carol, and Teddy in Los Cabos
Carol and Paul with Amy and Teddy in Los Cabos in 2005

Our family workshop has no limits as to the size and the make-up of the families participating. Day 1, Saturday, August 4 is for the parents. Days 2 and 3, August 5 and 6, are for the entire family, including children age 8 and older.

Go to our schedule page to open flyers about this workshop and others that are available. Then call us at 760/603-8343.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

A Relationship isn't a Title

by Carol Herndon, RelationshipByDesign workshop leader

FamilyFamilies can sometimes seem complicated. But the experience of family is really quite simple... and profound.

When we were married in 2004, Paul had a stepdaughter by his previous wife, who had died just two years earlier. While I wanted to be a mother to his stepdaughter, she was not comfortable with that at the time, thoughtfully asking that I not take it personally. Read more

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