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CONNECTED! April 2016

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Relationship: it's what really matters

Terry and Patti Golnick On April 16, 2016 Lon's brother Terry died of cancer. As you can perhaps imagine, it was one of those life events that demonstrate that no matter how prepared you are for something, you are not prepared for it. And yet it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to see the overwhelming gift of being in relationship with another human being. Read more

Exploring your relationships: a lifestyle

In all relationships, there is inexorable movement from not knowing to knowing each other more and more. While there is definitely an upside to that movement, there is also a downside. The joy of discovering and learning about each other can begin to fade. Actions and activities can become repetitious and thoughtless. Monotony and boredom may set in. You may begin to take each other for granted. With time, it might seem that you know everything about your partner, that there is nothing new to learn. Read more

Los Cabos Exploring
Bill, Norma, Carol, Jeff, Paul, Carol, Eric, Sandy, Laurel, Lon
Los Cabos Exploring Extraordinary Relationship

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Sandy and Lon Golnick