CONNECTED - August 2014

About Relationships and Families


It is somewhat disheartening to see people in relationships and families fighting each other - sometimes for hours at a time.

What's most disheartening is that most fights are rooted in holding on to something which you cannot lose anyway - your point of view. It could be said that you are a point of view about everything.

You cannot get rid of your point of view even if you tried. It would be like trying to stop breathing. But for some of you, letting go of your grip on your point of view seems like a fate worse than death. So you hold on and fight "for dear life".

You may be so attached to your point of view that it effectively owns you. Your attachment to your point of view runs you, and pulls you to fight for it even when it upsets - and sometimes destroys - your relationships and families.

What he heard...What she said...
What He Heard What She Said

Is your attachment to your point of view worth holding onto at the expense of affinity, peace, and ease in your relationships with others, especially your family?

You cannot lose your point of view, but you can let go of your attachment to it. You don't need to hold on to it for it to be safe. It's safe even if you are not fighting for it. And it's a lot more enjoyable to simply share your point of view than to fight for it.

When we began to let go of our attachment to our points of view, we began to experience the full measure of our love for each other.

We wish you the joy of letting go of your attachment to your point of view.

Sandy and Lon

Making a Difference

While you can do it on your own - and many of you probably do - it's much easier and more fun to explore and discover the world of relationship with others.

Whether we like it or not, we are constantly pulled into the monopoly that "ordinary" holds in relationships. And, while our communities, by default, are mired in ordinary relationships, we have the opportunity to contribute a new paradigm - Extraordinary Relationship. By doing so, we strengthen, deepen and enliven our own relationships and those of others.

Sharing the gains that you've made in your relationships makes a difference, and solidifies those gains.

We will soon be offering special events - refreshers, if you will - that will make a difference for you and for the people you stand for and invite.

Consider this: What if you were done improving your relationship? What if your relationship is just the way it should be? What might you do with it? What could you use it for?

Your relationships do make a difference. The question is, are they making the difference you want them to make?

Thank you for your partnership in transforming relationships all around the world.

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