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CONNECTED! August 2016

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Purpose for relationship

Is the purpose of your relationship to have someone who will provide you with some of what you need and want in life, and to help you get from others the rest of what you need and want? This is a common default purpose for being in a relationship. It's quite ordinary and is often adopted without giving it much thought. Read more

Joe, Jen, Laura and Rich
Joe, Jen, Laura and Rich in the ER workshop

Join us...

We invite you to join us in a workshop of your choice to enliven and expand your appreciation of your relationships.

Keystone ER group
Keystone Extraordinary Relationships: A New Paradigm participants

Go to our schedule page to open flyers about our upcoming workshops, and then call us. We will love having you with us.

San Francisco TRD group
San Francisco Relationships: The Real Deal participants

What's happening right now?

Paul: The other day, Carol was complaining. I was sitting on the couch with her, listening to complaints about what this person had done, what that person had said, and how an elderly relative was getting fretful and forgetful. Carol complaining is such a rare thing that I suspected something else was going on. Wondering what I could do, I stumbled onto asking her, "What's happening, right now?"
Carol: At first, Paul's question just added to my irritation. Was Paul trying to "process" me? But then I realized that he may be trying to help pull me out of the pissy mood I was in. So I took a look at what was underneath the irritation ... Read more

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Sandy and Lon Golnick