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CONNECTED! August 2017

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Relationships: A rough road?

Square WheelsYou may be having a rough ride down a road. But it doesn't matter how many potholes you fix if you are riding on square wheels.

The road of relationships may not be as rough as you think. In fact the road might be quite nicely paved. But that doesn't matter if you don't know the nature of the vehicle you're driving on it...Read more

Then what?

Sandy and LonAs you begin to see and let go of the source of the problems in your relationship that you have unconsciously been holding onto [the rough ride on the road of your relationship], you can begin to consider creating a relationship together that's in sync with the natural design of relationships - an extraordinary relationship.

It's a fantasy to think that there is some magic formula that will turn your ordinary relationship into an extraordinary relationship all the time and forever...Read more

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You do not have to wait until you're on a rough part of the road in your relationships to participate in one of our workshops.

Get the latest information about our workshop schedule by going to our schedule page. We will love having you with us.

A short leave of absence

Carol and PaulWe (Sandy and Lon) are taking a 6-week leave-of-absence to visit England, Austria and Germany with friends and family. We leave on August 27 and return on October 7. We're fortunate to have others friends and family take care of our home until we return.

While we're away, Carol (Herndon) and Paul (Bennett) are taking care of RelationshipByDesign, including writing the articles for the September newsletter. If you have an urgent need for support, you can call Paul and Carol at 301/469-5970.

A reminder: please use every opportunity to take care of your partner and to make his/her life wonderful.

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Sandy and Lon Golnick