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CONNECTED - December 2014

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Time

We are in that "most wonderful time of the year" - Christmas time!

In this special season, however, we find ourselves with mixed feelings. Perhaps that might be the case for you as well.

We have our home lit up for Christmas brightness and warmth. We're eagerly anticipating the times we'll be together with the most special people in our life - our family and our friends. We're looking forward to the time we get to spend with them, to acknowledge them, and to enjoy them.Los Cabos Dec 2014

But we also find ourselves a bit offset in working out plans and gift lists for our children, grandchildren, in-laws and friends. What should we provide for them or give to them? Is it too much? Is it not enough? Will they appreciate what we give them? Will our gifts just be seen as tokens, as what's expected of us as parents, grandparents, parents-in-law and friends?

Will anyone really notice the time and attention we paid to what we are giving them? Are they too busy to consider what we have gone through to do the right thing?

These concerns produce a certain lack of ease and peace in our space.

We suspect that we're not the only ones that experience this. Do you find yourselves swept up in the activity of the season and in the hurry, busy-ness and concerns that go with the hopefulness and joy of the season?

Also, it's likely that we are unaware that others in our lives may be experiencing all the same concerns. Perhaps we're so busy with our concerns that we're oblivious to their feelings, their enthusiasm, their joy, and their hopes that we will appreciate what they are doing for us.

Given the expectation in our culture that we HAVE TO get gifts/stuff for others during this time of year, we lose sight of the gift that our families and friends ARE in our life.

Maybe we don't HAVE TO give stuff. And if we do give stuff, we can make sure that our loved ones know that, whatever the stuff is, it doesn't, and cannot, compare to the INVALUABLE GIFT THAT THEY ARE to us.

We love you. You are an invaluable gift to us, and we appreciate you being our family, our friends and our partners in transforming relationships all over the world.

Happy holidays,
Sandy and Lon

Happy New Year!

While it's a fantasy to think that we will be happy with everything, all the time, everywhere, with everyone, we wish you experiences of happiness and wonder that surprise and fulfill you in the coming year.

We're certain that the access to those experiences are your relationships with your families, friends and partners. So take time to recreate, care for and nurture your relationships together. And you will have an extraordinary 2015!

Sandy and Lon Golnick