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CONNECTED! January 2017

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Where are we now?

Where are we?As of this month, we are beginning our 14th year of creating, designing, producing and leading workshops and events that transform relationships and families.

For the most part, it's been a wonderful and challenging adventure. Sometimes, we've found ourselves a bit anxious and stressed. Most of the time, however, we have been enlivened and rewarded with the satisfaction and fulfillment that has come with being with and working with amazing people like you.

We remain dedicated to transforming relationships all over the world. Read more

2017 RelationshipByDesign workshop schedule

Many of you have registered for our 2017 workshops as one expression of your intention to nurture and enhance your relationships this year. We invite those of you who are "on the fence" to jump into a workshop of your choice. Your experience of your relationships will be renewed and enlivened.

Get the latest information about our 2017 workshop schedule on our schedule page.

Seeing when you're stuck in ordinary

HeartAs you begin this new year we wish you lots of experiences of freedom, ease and fulfillment in your relationships in 2017.

Our wish for you includes being aware of what's actually going on when you are not experiencing peace and joy in your relationships - when you are "in the morass." Read more

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Sandy and Lon Golnick