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CONNECTED! July 2015

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Communication in Relationships

Marianna and DativaIn most of our workshops, people list the lack of communication as the biggest problem in their relationships. But is more communication really the key to relationships?

Consider these three aspects to communication: 1) the words being exchanged, 2) the feelings being experienced or expressed, and 3) the intention of the communication. When these aspects are in-sync, true communication - and relationship - is present. When they're not, Read more

Our first workshop in Florida - done!

Roger, Marianna, Karla, and AlineIn late June we completed our very first workshop in Florida, in Boca Raton. The people in the workshop - most of them with Brazilian backgrounds - were open and wonderfully alive. We are excited about returning there early next year.

Thank you, Karla and Roger Correa, for making our work available to your community.

Find a workshop in your area here, or email us to create one in 2016!

Making your partner's life great!

Make your partner's life great!In our May newsletter, we said that you cannot help but make a difference in the lives of people around you. Whatever you do or say makes a difference - whether it's positive or negative.

Now we ask you to consider that, while you can stand for making a difference for people without having a relationship with them, to experience that you are making a difference requires being in relationship with whomever you are making that difference. Read more

RelationshipByDesign leader training

TrainingWe've been having a wonderful time working with other couples to train them to lead our workshops. Three couples will gather here in the San Diego area for a training intensive and to co-lead our Relationship: the Real Deal workshop here, August 8-9. We invite you to be a part of this event.

Call us at 760/603-8343 or email us to register for this event.

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