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CONNECTED! July 2016

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The language of relationships

Last week, we were privileged to lead a presentation with another couple, Peter and Phyllis Sheras, at the National Convention of Couples Coaching Couples in Hunts Valley, Maryland. We named the presentation The Natural Language of Couple and Community.

We asked the couples attending the convention to see that requests and promises are the natural - although not necessarily the normal - expression of relationship. When the experience of relationship is present, requests can be made without fear or concern. And those requests can be responded to with promises, also without fear or concern. When the experience of relationship is present, requests and promises are welcomed, because they provide the opportunity to engage in the joy and adventure of creating and realizing/fulfilling your future together. Read more

Exploring the language of relationships

If you are interested in expanding your understanding and experience of the language of relationships and your mastery of creating and fulfilling futures in your relationships, we welcome you to join us in Hawaii, October 2-9. We'll be conducting an Exploring Extraordinary Relationship workshop in Waikoloa Village, about 35 to 40 minutes north of Kona.

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Sandy and Lon Golnick