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CONNECTED! June 2015

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Mastering the art of relationship

Carol and JeffFor over ten years, we have been struggling with the dilemma of expressing what we are up to without it getting placed in the box of fixing, improving or recovering relationships.

During our recent workshop in the San Francisco area, Carol and Jeff England, one of the couples who are training to lead Relationship By Design workshops, provided us with what we have been seeking. They said that what they are finding in our work is mastery of relationship. Eureka! Read more

Workshop scheduled in New Mexico!

Carol and PaulOur Relationship: the Real Deal workshop is coming to Santa Fe, New Mexico in October and will be led by Carol Herndon & Paul Bennett (pictured at right). It is now on the website and open for registration. Relationship: the Real Deal is a prerequisite for the Extraordinary Relationship workshop. Check out our Real Deal schedule and register for one now!

See our complete workshop schedule here.

Post-workshop coaching

CoachThe post-workshop video conference calls that we recently began including as a part of each of our Relationship: the Real Deal workshops have proved to be more than worthwhile, as reported by Carol Herndon and Paul Bennett, who facilitated the calls after leading the Washington D.C. workshop in April.

Participants reported that the conferences following the workshop were enormously valuable. Many participants noticed how much the workshop had affected important relationships. Read more

Do your relationships have a purpose?

PurposePeople who discover or invent a purpose for their lives experience direction, power and satisfaction in ways that people without a purpose seldom experience as they aimlessly go through the motions of living, dealing with whatever life gives them. Having a reason to exist provides a very different view of life than living with no purpose. Read more

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