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CONNECTED! June 2016

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Promises and Consequences

Whitney and Mike in Los Cabos
Whitney and Mike
making promises
In the Relationships: The Real Deal workshop, you learn that the foundation for relationships is promises. Love, affinity, shared values and/or interests may be the background or space for relationships, but it is promises that relationships stand on.
Promises are relational, not individual, in nature. A promise not accepted by someone does not exist as a promise... Read more

Amazing! We're half way through 2016!

Laurel and Eric in Los Cabos
Laurel and Eric
in Los Cabos
Time is flying by! If you haven't already been with us this year, or even if you have, we'd love for you to join us in continuing to explore and transform your relationships.
Hope to see you in Denver or Keystone, CO, or in the SF Bay area, or in San Diego, or in Washington D.C. Or maybe even in Hawaii or Los Cabos.
To see where we'll be and when, look at our upcoming workshop schedule. Then call us at 760/603-8343 or email us.

Relationship: simple but not easy

Easy Button There are things in life that are simple, but that doesn't mean they are easy. Have you ever tried losing weight? It's simple: Eat less and Exercise more. Was it easy for you? Probably not! It's difficult to take those actions over a long period of time. Creating an extraordinary relationship with your partner - romantic, family, business, etc. - is also simple. Read more

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