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CONNECTED! June 2017

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Projects and Promises

by Carol & Jeff England, Petaluma, CA

Tough TimesSeveral years ago, we were going through some times of upsets and frustrations with each other. Most of our attention was on trying to avoid what we were afraid might happen to our relationship and to each of us.

A few years ago in one of the Exploring Extraordinary Relationships workshops we became clear that making promises to each other in order to avoid the repetition of past breakdowns does not produce an exciting life together. When we discovered that the true purpose of making promises is to turn possibilities into reality, we dedicated ourselves to making up projects that we could accomplish together that would enhance our home and our relationship. Read more

Our workshops: 2017 and beyond

San Diego Real Deal
Just completed Relationships: The Real Deal in San Diego

Time is flying by! If you haven't already been with us this year, or even if you have, we'd love to have you join us in continuing to explore and transform your relationships.

We're looking forward to seeing you in the Denver, San Diego, SF Bay Area, Washington DC, or maybe even Los Cabos this year or early next year.

In August of 2018, we have scheduled Exploring Extraordinary Relationships workshops aboard two cruise ships, one sailing the Baltic Sea and the other sailing the Norwegian fjords. Space is limited for those two cruises, so contact us right away to make your reservations.

To see the remaining 2017 workshops, go to our schedule page.

Here's where we'll be and when in 2018:

Relationships: the Real Deal

Panama:January 13-14
Washington DC:Febuary 3-4,   April 21-22,   October 13-14
San Francisco:February 10-11,   October 6-7
San Diego:March 3-4,   July 7-8
Dallas:March 17-18
Denver:May 19-20

Extraordinary Relationships: a New Paradigm

San Francisco:June 8-10
Denver:September 14-16
San Diego:November 16-18
Washington DC:November 16-18

Exploring Extraordinary Relationships

Los Cabos:April 28-May 5, October 27 - November 3
Baltic Cruise:July 31 - August 9
Fjord Cruise:August 11-19

Take a look at everything coming up and then call us at 760/603-8343 or email us to find out more and make your reservations.

A relationship is a game

GamesIn a newsletter a few years ago, we suggested that a relationship can be viewed as a game that is being played. While sometimes it may not feel like your relationship is a game, it nonetheless has all the attributes of a game. Like a game:

1. You are in it to gain something, to produce an outcome or set of outcomes for yourself, to attain goals;

2. Another or others are in it with you (either for you or against you);

3. There are rules and agreements that shape your actions and behaviors in attaining your goals; Read more

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