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CONNECTED! March 2016

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Putting your relationships first

What has the highest priority in the lives of adult human beings? The survival of what we hold most dear. When someone such as a mate, child or comrade whom we hold dear is threatened, we will sacrifice our life for them.

In our years of working in the field of individual transformation, it became obvious that where a loved one's physical existence is not threatened what people hold most dear is their opinions. In relationships it seems that people are more attached to their opinions, to their point-of-view, than they are to their partners... Read more

Mastering the game of relationship

Marilyn and Hakim "We now have more laughter and ease than we've had in our relationship in a long time. We gained a new understanding and sense of purpose for ourselves as a couple and clear steps we are taking every day to live it". Marilyn and Hakim
Yanir and Erica "We loved the exploration of relationships, transcending an "I" paradigm to a "WE" paradigm enveloped by possibilities. We gained insight and access to surrendering and playing a new game that adds extra-ordinary to ordinary relationship." Yanir and Erica

"Most seminars or books look at the individual to improve the relationship. This seminar looks at relationships from a relationship standpoint." Joanne and Gary

We invite you to join us in mastering the game of relationships.


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Sandy and Lon Golnick