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CONNECTED! March 2017

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Relationships and Money

MoneyThis month we led an Exploring Extraordinary Relationships workshop in Kauai, Hawaii. The topic was Relationships and Money. One of the questions we began with was, "Why is money almost always an issue in relationships, even when there's no shortage of money?"

Often, a sense of ownership comes along with thinking about money, as in "my money/your money/our money". Both money and the stuff that it is used to buy is ordinarily and obviously seen to be owned... Read more

2017 RelationshipByDesign workshop schedule

We were unable to fulfill our plan to offer our Parents: Outside the Trap and Reinventing the Heart and Soul of Family workshops online and in Denver. However we are moving forward with those workshops in the Washington, D.C. area in August.

Kauai Workshop
The Exploring group in Kauai
We also have Relationships: The Real Deal weekend workshops, Extraordinary Relationships: A New Paradigm 3-day workshops, and Exploring Extraordinary Relationship vacation-based workshops open for registration. Join us in Denver, Washington D.C., San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Cabos for those workshops.
Please go to our schedule page for detailed information on all of our 2017 relationship workshops, and then contact us to register for those that you would like to be a part of.

Breaking Through vs. Backing Out

FootballSomething beyond the ordinary is possible, and can happen, when you persist through a "down time".

Whether you were pleased with the outcome of the 2017 edition of the NFL Super Bowl or not, you have to acknowledge that the New England Patriots didn't quit when the game wasn't going well for them. They were down and almost out, and yet they recovered and went on to win the Super Bowl. And that win was probably the sweeter because they had been so close to failing so completely. Read more

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