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Relationship as a journey

Do you often find yourself worried about or working on what you consider to be problems in your relationships? You’re not alone. Most people are working at getting beyond the pitfalls, upsets and breakdowns in their relationships and arriving at "happily-ever-after", where there will be no problems to deal with. Read more Family Vacations

The mystery of relationship

Mystery What makes for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship? It's not attempting to get your partner to have your point of view or to get your partner to see that your point of view is the only right one. Your partner is not going to see something in exactly the same way as you.
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Being in a 2016 RelationshipByDesign workshop...

If you enjoy playing and mastering the game of relationships, join us in a RelationshipByDesign workshop of your choice.

You'll discover new insights into the nature and design of relationships in general, and yours in particular. And you'll have a lot of fun!

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Denver Relationship-the Real Deal
Participants in the Denver April Relationship: The Real Deal workshop

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