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CONNECTED! November 2015

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Money and relationships

MoneyWe recently completed an extraordinary workshop in Los Cabos, Mexico exploring the mechanisms of money in relationships.

It became clear that money is an issue at some time or another in every relationship. No relationship escapes unscathed by concerns about money. In other words, money issues are universal.

Money concerns do not just rain down on individuals. Money concerns originate in relationships... Read more

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What workshop participants said…

Jeff and Carol
Carol & Jeff England
We saw the possibility of us having money, rather than money having us. We saw that our concerns about money are not personal; they are simply inherent in being human today.
In addition, we discovered a parallel with distinctions from "Extraordinary Relationship" - i.e., the difference between holding money concerns as mine or hers vs. the possibility of "WE Bucks" (money created and utilized within the context of a "WE" relationship). In other words, struggle is to be expected between separate, selfish priorities, while harmony is more likely around money held as the fulfillment of mutually created visions.
Wes and Beth
Wes & Beth Jankowski
Control over money is not about budgets and financial planning. It requires understanding foundational beliefs of each partner. This exploration allowed us the opportunity to break free from the self imposed constraints around finances and create a new context where money is now a resource to create the life we love.

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Sandy and Lon Golnick