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CONNECTED! October 2015

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Impeccability in relationships

ImpeccabilityWhat is the foundation for relationships? Is it love, affinity, shared values and/or interests? No! Those are the background, not the basis, for relationships. The foundation for relationships is promises. Relationships stand on the promises made with each other. Promises determine the form of a relationship. Making and fulfilling promises sustain a relationship.

In our work, we have found that in every failed relationship the failure began with broken promises - whether it was the breaking of a major promise or a series of smaller ones. Read more

2016 RelationshipByDesign workshop prices

ImpeccabilityOver seven years ago we lowered our workshop prices in recognition of the economic downturn that was taking place. For the first time since then, as we enter 2016, we will be raising the prices of our workshops.

However, you will be able to participate in any of our 2016 workshops at 2015 prices if you register before the end of this year. We will distribute a bulletin with the details very soon, so please look for it.

Get the latest information about our 2016 workshop schedule by going to our schedule page.

Looking forward to hearing from you this year about seeing you next year.

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