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CONNECTED! October 2016

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Relationships get in the way

Bill and NormaDo you have too much to do to be able to make time for your relationships?

Most of us have more than enough to do to keep us busy. We live in busy times. We have so much to do that we don't attend to our relationships. One participant in a recent Exploring Extraordinary Relationship workshop in Hawaii said "My relationship gets in the way of doing things I have to do."

But consider this: "Do you stay busy so as to avoid something in your relationships?" Read more

Join us...

Hawaiian SunsetApproaching the last two months of 2016, we are aware of our appreciation for all of you who have joined us in our workshops over the year.

We anticipate offering approximately twenty workshops in 2017, in Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and for the first time Toronto. We will publish the dates in a special mailing coming to you soon. As we schedule additional workshops we will make sure that they appear on our website.

We will be increasing some of our workshop prices in 2017. There will be discounts for registering early and for registering for multiple workshops at the same time.

Go to our schedule page to see flyers about our remaining 2016 workshops, and then call us at 760.603.8343.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Is it all really about me?

 by Carol Herndon (second from left)

Carol and PaulA couple of weekends ago Paul and I were leading a Relationships: The Real Deal workshop here in Washington, D.C. One of the issues we addressed was the recurring complaints that partners often have about each other.

About a week later, I caught myself complaining to Paul that he is always telling me how to park the car in the garage. He said that I parked too close to the left wall and it was difficult for him to squeeze into the driver's seat. I finally exploded and yelled, "I'm trying my best. I just can't always meet your standard..." Read more

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