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CONNECTED! September 2015

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Speaking for the future of your relationships

When you speak about your relationships, do you speak about the past, the present or the future? Think about how you speak; listen to yourself for a while.

As you become aware of it, you may be surprised by the extent to which you unconsciously project the past into the present and future of your relationships. It happens automatically in your everyday way of speaking. Read more

Workshops remaining in 2015

There are only a few more open workshops this year! We have Relationship: the Real Deal in Washington, D.C. in October, Denver, CO in November, and San Franscisco, CA in December.

Matt and Megan at the Cabo archOur final Exploring Extraordinary Relationship workshop takes place in Los Cabos November 14-21. The topic is Relationships and Money. If you can join us there please contact us immediately! The resort is close to sold out.
We made a few schedule changes so please check out details on our schedule page.

More great workshop feedback!

Parent workshop participants"What stood out for me [in Parents: Outside the Trap] was how much pressure I put on myself and my children to turn out the way I want - based on my past. I'm now excited to receive the "gifts" my children bring to our experience every day and be with them in a way that is easy and free for them to develop in their own way." Aubree (center)

Extraordinary Relationship workshop participants Marilyn and Hakim"What stood out for us [in Extraordinary Relationship: a New Paradigm] was the ease with which things that have felt remarkably difficult to talk about not only got talked about, but really got handled. [We're experiencing] fun instead of fear. Accepting the ordinary instead of 'working on it' so we can get on to what's truly extraordinary.

We now have more laughter and ease ... Read more from Marilyn and Hakim

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Sandy and Lon Golnick