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CONNECTED! September 2016

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The joy of partnership

Carol and Paul
What a joy it is to have Carol Herndon and Paul Bennett as full partners in having RelationshipByDesign available in the world.

In last month's Connected newsletter, you read an article by Carol and Paul. This month you get two thought-provoking articles from them. We invite you to read and absorb the insights that they offer to all of us.

Turning your partner into furniture

arm chairHave you ever described your partner as being a particular way - e.g. "He is stubborn." Or, "She is forgetful." Or, "She is always thoughtful." Or, "He is never really interested" - even when he or she may be somewhere else and you don't really know how he or she is being in the moment that you're saying it?

Have you found yourself taking a view that you've had of your partner in the past and speaking as though that's the way your partner is now and will be in the future? Read more

Join us...

If you have not yet participated in our basic Relationships: The Real Deal workshop, or our Extraordinary Relationships: A New Paradigm advanced workshop, you have a little over 3 months left in 2016 to join us to transform your relationships.

If you have already participated in one of these workshops, then give yourself the gift of an enlivening conversation for relationship in one of our Exploring Extraordinary Relationship workshops.

Go to our schedule page to open flyers about our upcoming workshops, and then call us at 760.603.8343.

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Time to retire?

Do you love to play amateur psychologist, probing your partner's childhood story for the causes of behaviors that you consider detrimental to your relationship? Or probing your own story for explanations of your own behaviors in your relationships? It can be fascinating and intriguing…and it's quite common. But what you determine to be the causes of your behaviors often serves only to justify those behaviors and your view of them... Read more

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