The post-workshop video conference calls that we recently began including as a part of each of our Relationship: the Real Deal workshops have proved to be more than worthwhile, as reported by Carol Herndon and Paul Bennett, who facilitated the calls after leading the Washington D.C. workshop in April.

Participants reported that the online video conferences following our workshop were enormously valuable. Many participants noticed how much the workshop had affected important relationships, without any conscious effort. They realized that they communicate and listen more openly, without trying to fix or change the other. They report that it is easier for them to let each other be the way they are and want what they want. Upsets that were communicated simply disappeared. In these conversations, participants identified the workshop as the source of the new ease and freedom they were experiencing. They became aware that they were gaining mastery in their relationships.

One participant, who is single, reported greater ease in her relationship with her adult son. When her son took a few days to respond to an invitation to lunch, she did not get upset, and enjoyed a lovely visit when he was available. Before the workshop, she would have been upset and hurt, possibly ruining the time they did have together.

In a work situation, she noticed that she did not retort sharply to a co-worker’s conflicting opinion, as she would previously have done, interpreting the conflict as a challenge. As a result of the workshop, she saw the co-worker’s opinion as valid from his perspective, and their relationship expanded.

How has the workshop impacted your relationship? We welcome your comments.

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