As you begin to see and let go of the source of the problems in your relationship  that you have unconsciously been holding onto [the rough ride on the road of your relationship], you can begin to consider creating a relationship together that’s in sync with the natural design of relationships – an extraordinary relationship.

It’s a fantasy to think that there is some magic formula that will turn your ordinary relationship into an extraordinary relationship all the time and forever.

The reality is that every day, we (Sandy and Lon) wake up in an ordinary relationship. However, since we have discovered some of the design features of extraordinary relationships that are not fantasy-based, we have the opportunity to move ordinary to extraordinary at any moment in our day. And as we’ve gone through the years, we’ve become more and more adept at transforming our ordinary moments into extraordinary moments.

Our Extraordinary Relationships: A New Paradigm workshop is a no-nonsense, challenging exploration of the nature and design of extraordinary relationships – and pitfalls that can drop you into the abyss of disappointment produced by fantasy.

We remain dedicated to “transforming relationships all over the world.”

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