One of Lon’s favorite memories is our wedding, over 53 years ago, because it was one of his crowning achievements. Having been a relatively introverted, conservative and quiet young engineering student, he was proud to have “captured” an outgoing, expressive and playful young cheerleader named Sandy.

Lon’s draw to Sandy? She was so different from him, offering new and different views of life and living.

Fast forward to 10 years later and Lon found himself upset that Sandy was not being more like him – until he remembered that what drew him to her in the first place was that she was not like him.

It seems to us that way too many relationships go through disappointments and upsets because people have forgotten that they were attracted to each other because of their differences, not their similarities. Did they share certain values and interests? Of course. And that is to be acknowledged.

But the different expressions of those values and the different pathways to satisfy those interests are to be enjoyed and appreciated. Way too many people fail to remember that their differences got them together in the first place. Way too many fail to appreciate their differences and fail to stay open to the new experiences that their relationship offers and that make life adventurous and fulfilling.

We invite you to celebrate your differences and enjoy the variety of experiences that your differences offer.

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