You may be having a rough ride down a road. But it doesn’t matter how many potholes you fix if you are riding on square wheels.

The road of relationships may not be as rough as you think. In fact the road might be quite nicely paved. But that doesn’t matter if you don’t know the nature of the vehicle you’re driving on it.

When you are unaware of the source of a rough relationship ride, you are most likely to blame the roughness on your partner – or [in rare cases] on yourself. So you work on fixing your partner – or yourself – in an attempt to fix the relationship. That’s akin to filling in potholes in the road.

What you think is the problem may not be the problem. And working on what you think is the problem is what holds it in place. Maybe, instead of working on the “problem,” it’s time to just let go.

However, you cannot let go of something that you are unaware that you are holding onto. You have to see what you’re holding onto before you can let it go.

What transforms a relationship is becoming aware of what you’re holding onto – what square wheels are installed as you’ve been driving down the road of the relationship. Only then are you able to “uninstall them” and let your relationship happen naturally – with the normal bounce that goes along with traveling down the road of relationship.

We invite you to join us in one of our Relationships: The Real Deal workshops and become aware, let go and enjoy the bouncy ride of relationship.


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