We offer workshops and coaching where you discover the mechanisms that undermine your relationships … as well as access to creating extraordinary relationships.

You will gain “mastery in the art of relationships.”


In 2002, Sandy and Lon Golnick created FamiliesByDesign and established it as an LLC in California as an expression of their love and devotion to family. In 2004, after having successfully designed and led workshops for families, and at the urging of some of their participants, Sandy and Lon brought RelationshipByDesign into existence. We now work from San Marcos, CA, creating, designing, producing and leading relationship and family workshops here and abroad.

In 2007, Carol Herndon and Paul Bennett, began co-creating possible new expressions of RelationshipByDesign which have evolved into the Exploring Extraordinary Relationships workshops. Since 2014 they have been leading RelationshipByDesign workshops, primarily on the East Coast.


Together we continue to offer a new paradigm for relationships and families, one that is built on the design of games rather than being rooted in a structure of survival. In this model, people experience being naturally related, naturally growing and naturally joyful.


Lon and Sandy Golnick, co-founders of RelationshipByDesign, have been leading workshops, seminars and trainings in the fields of relationships, families and business relations for over 40 years. They bring 53 years of marriage, plus their experience as parents of two daughters and six grandchildren.

Before devoting herself to transforming relationships and families, Sandy was an elementary school teacher and the division manager for young persons programs for a world-wide educational company. Lon was an aerospace engineer for a dozen years before being trained to lead and then leading programs for adults in the same educational company. Together they have mastered the ability to create, design, produce and lead transformative workshops and coaching.

Lon and Sandy have the ability to listen intently and compassionately and to engage people in being full partners in generating new opportunities in their relationships. They are dedicated to you experiencing being intimately related, appreciated and fulfilled.


Carol and Paul began their exploration of relationship together in 2003, after a combined 50 years of marriage to other people. They joined the RelationshipByDesign team as a way to fulfill their vision that people everywhere live in deeply fulfilling relationships.

Carol was a business attorney for 35 years. She brought clarity to her clients’ business relationships, treating the contracts she wrote as the foundation for integrity and satisfaction. Paul writes for nonprofit organizations committed to the environment, women’s issues, education and health care.

Paul and Carol live in Bethesda, Maryland. Between them they have raised four children, and now enjoy their children and two grandchildren enormously.


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