In all relationships, there is inexorable movement from not knowing to knowing each other more and more. While there is definitely an upside to that movement, there is also a downside. The joy of discovering and learning about each other can begin to fade. Actions and activities can become repetitious and thoughtless. Monotony and boredom may set in. You may begin to take each other for granted. With time, it might seem that you know everything about your partner, that there is nothing new to learn.

We were shocked, as we examined the role of knowing in one of our Exploring Extraordinary Relationships workshops, to find that while we have been married for over 50 years there was much more that we didn’t know about each other than what we did know. We realized that we had almost completely stopped learning about each other. Yet it was learning about each other that had made being together so exciting and fun in the early years of our relationship. That insight led us to a renewed interest in learning about each other as we traverse our sixth decade of being together.

Earlier this month (April 2016), in Exploring Extraordinary Relationship: Relationships and Money workshop in Los Cabos, Carol and Jeff England said that they have turned exploring relationship into a lifestyle because they have seen so much joy and value in continuing to learn about each other and their relationship.

Would you say that your relationships are the most important aspect of your life? Most people do! If that is true for you, we invite you to join us in the continuing exploration and discovery of the wonder and the possibilities of relationships. In an Exploring Extraordinary Relationship course you will gain new insights into the nature of relationships and new experiences of joy and fulfillment.

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