Relationship Coaching

Our lives are made up of all sorts of relationships and sometimes those relationships get off track. We provide personalized coaching programs for any type of relationship — couples, family members, business partners, co-workers, or friends.

Together, either in person or remotely, we explore your concerns, issues and commitments. We will help you identify what is not said, then clarify the issues and the issues behind the issues.

As we explore, new insights and new thinking will emerge. You’ll discover creative resolutions of your issues and concerns. You’ll see problems in a new light, such that many dissolve instantly and the rest are readily resolvable, naturally and effortlessly.

Our coaching packages include regular coaching sessions, check-in and check-up calls, e-mail coaching, and our weekend or week-long workshops.

I called Lon and Sandy in the midst of a relationship crisis. We weren’t sure we were going to stay together. Still, we were both committed to moving through our crisis to become better people in the world, whether together or apart. I knew Lon and Sandy were very experienced; that’s all I knew. We soon learned that they were also generous, creative, clear, and firm, yet simple with their coaching. Their personal coaching was very valuable to us. There was nothing to believe; just reflections to engage in, coaching to try out, and choices to make. After several months of coaching (personal, telecoaching and 2 workshops), we suddenly found ourselves ready for a newly-discovered power — operating and seeing life and its choices from the perspective of “we”. Daisy and Arash

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