Relationship Workshops

  • Relationship: the Real Deal

    A two-day exploration into the nature and design of relationships and the causes of disappointments, upsets, and resentments that too often lead to breakups. You will gain access to the experience of freedom, peace and ease in your relationships. Learn more

  • Extraordinary Relationship: a New Paradigm

    Extends your master of relationships by creating a new context within which to design your relationship. You will spend 3 days with your partner deepening your understanding of relationships and transforming your relationship from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn more

  • Exploring Extraordinary Relationships

    A vibrant, active exploration for people who are up to creating exceptional relationships. A series of weeklong vacation-based workshops in which you explore a different aspect of relationships in each workshop. Learn more

Relationship: The Real Deal

Do you want to master the art of relationships and have the ease, pleasure and fulfillment that mastery provides? Begin by discovering the fundamental nature and design of relationships.

In this two-day workshop, you will see why the excitement and possibility you had at the beginning of your relationship did not last, and why the thousands of solutions and tips for getting the pizzazz back do not produce what they promise overtime. You will disappear the disappointments, upsets, and resentments that too often lead to distance in the relationship and breakups.

You are unknowingly locked into common misunderstandings of the nature of relationships, misunderstandings which actually produce problems in relationships. With these misunderstandings firmly in place, the more you work on your relationships, the more you exacerbate the very issues you are trying to resolve.

We recommend that you attend the workshop as a twosome of any kind (couple, family members, work colleagues or friends). With your partner, you will participate in engaging questions, conversations and exercises about relationship dynamics. Together we will uncover the source of the ordinariness in relationships (hint: it’s not you or your partners), and spark an exciting new access to extraordinary relationship!

You will leave with:

  • an understanding of the fundamental nature and design of all relationships!
  • insights into the causes of disappointments, upsets and resentments that often lead to breakups.
  • access to peace, freedom and ease in your relationship.

Extraordinary Relationship: A New Paradigm


Spend 3 days with your partner deepening your understanding of what makes relationships really work. Create a new context for your relationship… and discover what is required to move it from ordinary to extraordinary!

To participate, you must first complete the Relationship: The Real Deal workshop.

You will discover:

  • the causes of frustration, indifference and estrangement in relationships.
  • why trying to change your partner, yourself or your relationship is futile.
  • a simple yet uncommon approach to designing an extraordinary relationship.

Exploring Extraordinary Relationship

Exploring Extraordinary Relationship truly is an exploration – a vibrant, active exploration for people who are up to creating exceptional relationships.

The workshops are designed to further strengthen and enliven your relationship! Enjoy a vacation + workshop that engages you in a specific inquiry relevant to relationships.

Locations for the Exploring Extraordinary Relationships workshops have included cruise ships, sailboats, Hawaii and Los Cabos.

For a week at a wonderful vacation location, you will take a deep dive into a specific facet of relationship. The conversations are somewhat unstructured, created together with the other participants and the workshop leaders.

Topics have included:

  • Intimacy in Relationships
  • The Power of Promising
  • Relationships and Money
  • Knowing Your Partner
  • The Role of Requests
  • The Power of Community

More topics continue to be added…

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