What Our Participants Say

Dawn Elder

This [Relationship: The Real Deal] was a truly valuable experience for me as I am just beginning a new relationship with Andrew. I now have access to choose what a relationship is, not resist it and in that space be fully related to him. Also, this experience will transcend all my relationships, personal and professional.

Linnea March

This workshop [Relationship: The Real Deal] was one of the most impactful and surprising experiences in a quick Saturday and Sunday. I can already see that this will make a difference in all my relationships, especially my marriage of 33 years. Just when I thought I knew it all, it was a delight to see that there is so much more to discover about me and for the “us” of me and my husband.

Paul Bennett

Being with Sandy & Lon makes it almost impossible to settle for the ordinary world of off-and-on connection, suppressed or vented disappointments, and accepting “good enough” as, well, good enough. They take couples and families on an exploration of what we think and what we expect about our relationships, and then turn our ideas upside-down. You wouldn’t let just anybody dismantle your complacency this way; you know from beginning to end that Sandy & Lon are doing it with deep authenticity and out of their radiant love of people.

Barry Berman

Seeing the fantasies and having a new way to relate to them was very empowering. Setting up a design for our goals and objectives and then putting them into action allows us to create (our) relationship as a game. This allowed us to begin to design our relationship and what we are up to in a concrete way.

Mike Simms

I’ve seen that the idea that I’ve been looking for and expecting a fantasy relationship is the cause of most of my issues with my wife. I am excited about creating and declaring games as a new way of relating – not only to my wife, but to the rest of my life as well. We’re both players in games. I suspect that my satisfaction with my wife will grow. I thought the workshop was excellent. It was well worth every bit of effort. This workshop is just what I was looking for.

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