There are things in life that are simple, but that doesn’t mean they are easy. Have you ever tried losing weight? It’s simple: Eat less and Exercise more. Was it easy for you? Probably not! It’s difficult to take those actions over a long period of time.

Creating an extraordinary relationship with your partner – romantic, family, business, etc. – is also simple. Simply let go of your attachment to the past (good, bad or indifferent) and partner up in creating the future. Simple, and not easy.

An effective way of letting go of the past is to communicate all withholds and to forgive. Forgiveness produces a new environment or space for the future. That’s simple, and yet not easy. And the most effective way of creating the future is to design and “play” games that express and enhance your relationship. Again, it’s simple and not necessarily easy.

That something may be difficult to do does not mean it is complex. Doing something complex may take “brains”. Doing something that is difficult takes “heart”.

We invite you to put your heart into your relationships.

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