It’s time to realize that neither you nor others are causing the upsets, disappointments and frustrations in your relationships.

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Problems in Relationships

It’s time to let go of your fantasies and confront the real nature and design of relationships.

The source of all breakdowns in relationships is, in fact, not knowing fundamental truths about relationships. That’s why tips and techniques aimed at fixing relationships don’t work. And that’s why people are mired in the endless cycle of fixing, tolerating, or ending relationships.

Growing in


Hundreds of participants in our workshops have gained clarity and freedom – and access to being fulfilled in their ordinary relationships with extraordinary relationships.

When you see for yourself the true nature and design of relationships, what you say and what you do become effective. Repetitive concerns and conflicts dissolve and are replaced by peace, ease and satisfaction.

What people say about us

"Out of all of the growth and development workshops I’ve done, this was the most profound in making a difference in my relationships"

Carol K.

“An insightful workshop that left me profoundly connected to my partner in a way we had not experienced before. I am more excited than ever to create our future together.”

Donna R.

"Most relationship work I have done to date was past focused. This was not, it was about understanding what a relationship is and how ordinary my experience is in relationship. I learned more about relationships than I did in 20 years of therapy and counseling.”

Josh P.

The Workshop

The Path of Extraordinary Relationship workshop is an expression of more than 20 years of work with people in identifying the nature and design of everyday ordinary relationships and creating extraordinary relationships.

The Path of Extraordinary Relationship is a radical departure from the familiar paths of fixing, tolerating and exiting relationships. This workshop is designed for you to first discover for yourself what destines you to be upset and disappointed in your relationships. Being awake to that, you then venture into exploring and discovering design features for extraordinary relationships, and distinguishing them from pipe dreams.

You will engage with Relationship By Design leaders and other participants in this unique exploration of relationships. It’s challenging – and eye-opening!

Workshop Details

In Part 1: The Real Deal you will discover the truth about the fundamental nature and design of human relationships. As you unveil what is operating unseen behind all the issues that arise in relationships, problems dissolve and disappear. You’re no longer caught up in the futility of fixing, tolerating, and ending relationships. Instead, you are ready to start creating and designing an extraordinary relationship.

In Part 2: Creating Extraordinary Relationships you will discover what differentiates an extraordinary relationship from a fantasy. You will challenge the limits of your imagination about what’s possible in a relationship. You will create a new context and design for your relationship.

Part 1: The Real Deal - The Truth About Relationships

This two-day workshop is suitable for singles, individuals, and twosomes in a relationship that matters to them – such as spouses, partners, family members, close friends, or business colleagues.

Part 2: Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Part 2 is for twosomes to take along with Part 1. Part 2 takes place 6 week or more after Part 1 in another two-day workshop to co-design a relationship that is your unique creation.

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Private Coaching

2 on 2 Coaching, or 2 on 1 Coaching

For those who are unable to arrange their schedule to attend one of our workshops, or who may be uncomfortable in exploring relationships with or among others, we offer customized coaching programs designed specifically for you to do the work and to gain the insights and practices required to transform your relationship.

In every case, the basics of our workshops get included as we coach you into new insights, principles and possibilities for your relationship. Your first call is always free.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

Then What?

Upon completion of The Path of Extraordinary Relationship, you will be eligible to participate in advanced workshops with specific topics. Some workshops are offered in vacation settings or on cruises. Sign up to be notified for 2025 retreats.


Co-creators Sandy and Lon Golnick spent 30 years working with individual adults, young people, and organizations, in seeing beyond the typical psychological explanations for human behaviors and circumstances. They discovered that human transformational methodology could be applied to relationships, as well as to individuals. They closely examined the nature of human relationships, and they discovered what no one else has talked or written about: you have a lot more to do with how your relationships go than you realize. Together, they created Relationship by Design, LLC in 2002 to continue to explore and share their discoveries and transform relationships.

Relationship by Design workshops, couple retreats, exotic vacations and cruises have now been conducted coast to coast and seen multiple continents, countries and cities around the globe inspiring thousands of individuals to explore, create, and flourish in relationships! In 2024, with Sierra and Zach at the helm, Relationship by Design, LLC is currently offering workshops, retreats, coaching, and transforming relationships. They invite you to become a relationship explorer as a participant and join in the conversation.


After more than 20 years of exploring relationships, Relationship by Design, LLC has inspired and helped to transform thousands of individuals with their dynamic team of couple leaders. Carol Herndon and Paul Bennet, realizing that this body of work stood out unique to the rest became leaders in 2005. Sierra Cortes and Zach Batson, seeing that there was a miss in relationship methodologies and that the missing link was uncovered in the Relationship by Design workshops and retreats, decided to engage in leading workshops in 2016.

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