We are dedicated to the proposition that relationship is the most important aspect of human existence and is fundamental to every human being’s experience of being known, valued and fulfilled.

We believe that being in close relationship with another and others is the natural state of being human, and that certain [mostly unseen] mechanisms often get in the way of the experience of freedom, peace and ease that is natural to relationship.

We have found that while no one escapes the mechanisms, they are not personal.

Therefore, we do not work at changing or fixing individuals. We do not engage in therapy. We design and produce workshops and coaching where you discover for yourself the mechanisms that undermine your relationships, as well as access to creating extraordinary relationships.

Our intention is that you gain “mastery in the art of relationships.”

Catalina Finnell

Dispelling the fantasies and unattainable ideals of family gave me a ton of freedom.

Josh Kurtz

A real insight for me is that I don’t have to fix everything or everyone. What I’ve gotten out of the workshop has already relieved a lot of stress.

Wes and Beth Jankowski

After being married nearly 30 years life can become routine and ordinary. We learned to add “EXTRA” to our ordinary.


Relationship Workshops

Relationships are fundamental to well being, fulfillment and happiness for all of us. If you are committed to having relationships filled with wonder and appreciation, but find issues or the lack of understanding getting in the way, Relationship By Design can help you fulfill your commitment.

Relationship Coaching

We provide personalized coaching programs for any type of relationship — couples, family members, business partners, co-workers, or friends.

Popular Resources & Lessons

Is Your Relationship a Private Island?

Is Your Relationship a Private Island?

 A reflection from Carol and Paul ...  Our love affair began with an unofficial motto: “We get to make it up.” That triumphant insight came from the 56 years of life that had flowed under the bridge before we found each other. Marriages, divorces and bereavement had...

Why Relationships Don’t Last?!

Why Relationships Don’t Last?!

Recently we came across an article titled, Divorce Counselor Reveals Reasons Marriages Don’t Last, written on a popular blog website, some of the reasons given were: Love is not enough for a successful marriage. Marriage is a business contract (not a love affair)....

Is your relationship stuck in reverse?

Is your relationship stuck in reverse?

Are you trying to move your relationship forward while putting it in reverse? It doesn’t work when driving a car, and it doesn’t work in relationships either. Most people are unaware of putting their relationship in reverse precisely because it happens automatically...

Transforming Relationships

Transforming Relationships

At Relationship By Design, our work is based on the premise that transformation occurs when you confront reality exactly as it is. Once you stop resisting reality and attempting to fix or improve it, you experience peace, freedom and an opening for creativity in your...